62. Mono Loco – Antigua, Guatemala

Cocktail – Mono Loco Zombie
White rum, navy rum, apricot brandy, orange Curacao, orange, pineapple, lime, grenadine, overproof rum

Date Visited – Oct 2016 (Halloween)

Perfectly timed with Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos, and accommodation booked right next door! Unfortunately I wasn’t quite so organised with my Halloween costume, but my Ilegal Mezcal Donald Trump t-shirt was scary enough, and that was pre-election! Strangely the t-shirts aren’t sold at Cafe No Se, the home of Ilegal Mezcal, so I purchased mine here. Plenty of zombies in the bar, but none on the menu, and not all the ingredients to make it! The menu choices weren’t offering much alternative, but I settled for a “Cazadores Mad Mexican” from Little Red Riding Hood and her cat.

The bar was friendly enough, but it’s more sports bar than cocktail bar. I talked Trump and Brexit with an American at the bar. Of course any American venturing into Guatemala is unlikely to be a Trump supporter! Ilegal Mezcal coined the phrase and hashtag #aShotAtDonald, meant in the form of Mezcal, but here it’s in the form of a basketball hoop. This crazy monkey opted for the wrong side of the law!

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