63. Maury Bar – Lima, Peru

Cocktail – Original Pisco Sour
Pisco, lemon, egg white, Angostura Bitters

Date Visited – Dec 2016

The Pisco Sour wasn’t created at Maury Bar, as always there’s great debate over that accolade, it could even have been created in Chile, though they don’t make their version with egg white. That’s certainly not the case here, with trays of eggs on the bar, and the egg white prepped at a rare quiet moment. It’s the bar that the tourists flock to for a traditional Peruvian Pisco Sour, preferring table service to a seat at the bar. This place has an old school charm, and an even older bartender! Eloy has worked here for over 50 years, and I was very fortunate that he hasn’t chosen to retire yet. The order was very simple, a Pisco Sour, offered in 3 sizes, but I didn’t specify a size and ‘simple’ was delivered. Along with some obligatory Peruvian corn to nibble on. I sat and watched Eloy cracking eggs feeling very frustrated with my limited Spanish, oh how I would have loved to talk with him about the history of this place. I tried to ask him how long he’d worked there for, but the answer didn’t reflect his veteran status, so I clearly got that wrong! I did however understand when he pointed out the best camera angles for photos.

Though they didn’t create the Pisco Sour here, they believe that they perfected the recipe, before its popularity spread countrywide. It was the first Pisco Sour that I tried in Peru, but would I say its my favourite? No, but only because the culinary scene in Peru has led the way for chefs like Gaston Acurio to serve these as a staple item in his restaurants, hand shaken rather than blended. I also went on to have the “Best Pisco Sour 2016” at Tacama in Ica, the oldest vineyard in South America. They make their own Pisco so believe they should also know how to make a good Pisco cocktail, and they definitely do!

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