61. Rick’s Cafe – Negril, Jamaica

Cocktail – Planter’s Punch
Myer’s Planter’s Punch Rum, Angostura Bitters, lime, chilled water, sugar

Date Visited – Oct 2016

The other famous Rick’s Cafe, this one isn’t fictitious, but is just as touristy! They flock here at sunset to watch and partake in the cliff jumping. I chose the one clear day of my Jamaica trip to make the exodus, which certainly paid off. I was a spectator only as I’m not the strongest swimmer, shame really as I would probably have the guts to jump, many chickened out once reaching the top. Every so often the lifeguard has a go from an even higher platform, and for this he expects a tip. Most of the day tours make this their last destination, some observe from the boat while others come ashore. It’s definitely a great view for sunset, but the cocktails aren’t that great, and you’ll share them with the wasps!

There was a Rick’s Punch on the menu, but no Planter’s Punch. I produced the print out but was met with instant reluctance to go off menu. One was not feeling the love! No cocktail, and this woman may well cry! I persisted and when they finally decided to be a little more hospitable and actually LOOK at the recipe, hit a dead end because there was no Myer’s Planter’s Punch. So a Rick’s Punch it was, and I stopped at just the one. I went, I drank, I stayed for the reggae band, but I didn’t buy the t-shirt! I did however get a like from singer Kevin Lyttle on my Instagram post, that turned me on a lot more than the cocktail!

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