67. Mafia Bar – Seoul, South Korea

Cocktail – Mafia Martini
rum, Chambord, apple juice

Date Visited – (attempted) April 2018

I had to go underground for this one, not because it’s a basement bar, but because the appropriately titled “Mafia Bar” was not to be found on any Google searches, especially not when using the Roman alphabet. After much consultation with the family – the bar family, my search hit a brick wall. There’s a Mafia Cafe, and the Italian bartenders wish there was a Mafia Bar, but any enquiries made on my behalf suggested that it’s long gone.

I’d not quite closed the book on this case though and a local bartender made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He offered to put the word out through the local bartender forum appealing for anyone with information on this bar’s whereabouts or demise to please come forward.

Some weeks later though when I travelled home in Gangnam Style and resumed the online search, I managed to locate an old address for Mafia Bar in the Gangnam-gu district of Seoul. Further searching suggests that it was replaced sometime ago with an Izakaya restaurant called Moromi. I hope they’re not serving up a horse’s head for dinner.

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