68. The Glamour Bar – Shanghai, China

The Glamour Martini

vodka, cherry brandy, blood orange juice, lime juice

Date visited: April 2018

Had I visited ten years prior when I trekked the Great Wall of China then the original bar would still have been open, unfortunately due to rising rent prices it had to close in 2014. However all was not lost, as they simply relocated to a different floor, same famous restaurant, M-on-the-Bund, and still glamorous.

I made an early evening visit to “Glam” bar in time for “Happy Gin Hour” and managed to bag myself a window seat for views of The Bund. I didn’t however manage to try The Glamour Martini as it was no longer on the menu, and there was no blood orange available. Instead I ordered a Shanghai Dream, which infuses Peddlers Gin with Shanghai Dream Tea and shakes it with elderflower, lime and egg white, a fluffy dream in a tea cup.

Food was ordered, as was another Happy Hour cocktail (Glamolini Pangolin) and I briefly relocated to the bar to chat to the bartenders and sample the local gin. As day turned to night the bar lights were dimmed and The Bund lit up for its nightly spectacle.

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