47. Indigo – Mumbai, India

Cocktail – Strawberry and Hazelnut Lassi
Frangelico, Baileys, strawberries, banana, yogurt, mint

Date Visited – Feb 2014

A Sunday stopover in Mumbai, I’d checked ahead to confirm their opening hours before booking flights, and then made a booking for dinner as it’s more restaurant than bar. An alcoholic lassi, apparently that’s a recipe for Delhi Belly, so I was nervous about drinking too much before my 2am flight home! It wasn’t on the menu but they were able to make it for me, I’d had two five star happy hour cocktails at the Taj Palace first so that was another reason not to over-indulge. Indigo was a short walk away, they seated me on the roof terrace, and I loved the personal touch with the menu! Indians are generally very happy people and they want you to be happy too. It was the last experience of my 16 day trip, and a pleasant one to finish on, next stop airport.

P1150158 (600x800)

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