46. Solypse Cafe – Goa, India

Cocktail – Frozen Mango Daiquiri
White rum, mango, lime, sugar

Date Visited – Feb 2014

You never have to drink alone in India, there will always be the cows for company! Not that they’re very sociable. My passage through India included not only a detour to Goa, but also to Ozran Beach in North Goa, an hour in the wrong direction of the more tranquil and thus preferable beach of Agonda. Ozran is the location of the Solypse Cafe, already suspecting it was no longer there I wander down to investigate and stumble upon a beach shop selling saris. I get chatting to the shopkeeper, Omar, and enquire about the bar, he was born and bred in Goa and said that most of the bars are family run so when the family moves on then so does the bar. I don’t have enough cash on me to pay for all of my purchases so Omar tells me to bring it later, letting me take the items! Very trusting in India!

The book also refers to the Nine Bar on the cliff-top above, popular for trance, so I head there first for a Kingfisher Beer and sunset, but the party only really starts long after the sun’s gone down. Next I choose the most popular bar on the beach for a happy hour cocktail and opt for a frozen mint daiquiri instead of mango, receiving two! Then it’s back to settle my debt with Omar where I pull up a chair and chat to him and his colleagues for the rest of the evening. Travellers are warned to be wary of several things in India, the men for example, but I felt very comfortable with Omar, and also the ice, but that usually doesn’t apply in Goa. 24 hours later though I have the onset of Delhi Belly, which I put down to dehydration rather than ice, still meaning the cocktail is to blame!

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