44. Cafe Opera – Stockholm, Sweden

Cocktail – Kurant Blush
Absolut Kurant Vodka, Creme de Fraise, cranberry, lime

Date Visited – Sep 2013

One more to fit in before the end of the year, and the end of Summer when the archipelagos all vacate. Back on track, this bar is still there, located at the back of the Royal Opera House so hence the name! I booked in advance to secure entry as the book refers to “the notoriously difficult door staff”, but I found them welcoming. Having arrived at opening I was whisked into the attached restaurant for Swedish meatballs first, then returned to a much busier bar. I have expectations of grandeur and prices to match, it’s a buy by the bottle kind of establishment with no cocktail menu, but they happily made it to order, and it wasn’t so pricey (unlike the bottles)!. I admired the impressive 19th century surroundings but left before the next round, nice looking bar but not my kind of place.

cafe opera

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