39. Supperclub – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cocktail – Hong Kong Sling
Gin, lychee, lemon, sugar, soda

Date Visited – Mar 2013

The Dam, surely there’ll be some stories to tell here! Unfortunately not so, there wasn’t even a cocktail! Booked for Easter Sunday for the €70 set menu as entry isn’t guaranteed for drinks only and you have to eat for the full ‘bed’ experience! Host Howie made sure I was looked after, giving me a prime spot, which funnily enough was next to two girls from my hometown! Everyone gathers in the bar before being taken to their beds, the cocktail menu was uninspiring though and I decided to wait until surrounded by the “dazzling white decor”. However there are no cocktails on the “S” Menu, so wine it was instead, with the non-LSD induced Easter Bunny!

London delivered though, I managed to persuade them to mix me up a Hong Kong Sling at their Notting Hill branch, a much better selection of cocktails on
their “S” Menu! Shame I didn’t stick to cocktails though, the wine transformed me into quite the liability for my friend Sophie, and quite the talker for Jack Whitehall!

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