40. Harry’s Bar – Venice, Italy

Cocktail – Bellini
White peach puree, Prosecco

Date Visited – May 2013

The halfway point, and a suitably famous one to mark the occasion. Having previously visited Venice this trip is just for the cocktail, I was saving it for a rainy day! A late afternoon visit, no Happy Hour here though, no happy of any kind in fact, but that’s not surprising considering the recent wage cuts! Unfortunately I chose to visit six months after the Cipriani family had been pushed out by the banks, they’ve obviously been missing Hemingway’s custom! The founder Giuseppe Cipriani is quoted as saying, “[Hemingway] was generous to a fault, and filled more pages of his cheque book than those of a medium-length novel!” Fortunately their world-famous Bellini lives on, there’s a lot of history to this bar and that’s enough to make the visit special, even if I did prefer a Happy Hour Spritz!

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