38. Odeon – Oslo, Norway

Cocktail – Jenna J
Bacardi Limon, passion fruit, lemon, lime

Date Visited – Feb 2013

No long-haul destinations this year, it’s all about Europe, starting with the Baltics before making my way to Scandinavia. After a failed attempt at spying the Northern Lights I head south to Oslo, where I’m finally relieved of my snow boots, not sure they’d have blended in with the Odeon clientele! However it’s no longer a minimalist bar for media types, it’s now a very busy Italian restaurant called Olivia. I take a seat in the bar and opt for the one signature on the menu, a Bella Olivia, which surprisingly doesn’t break the bank! I only stay for the one though before heading back for wine, cheese and book tips with my Airbnb host.

I should have gone “off-piste” at the Kiruna Ice Hotel rather than Tromso, oh well, one for next year, at least I can shop in Oslo for the occasion!

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