37. L’Archiduc – Brussels, Belgium

Cocktail – Orange Blossom
Gin, pink grapefruit, almond, orange, Angostura bitters

Date Visited – Dec 2012

It really ruins the speakeasy experience when people leave the door open!! This is a ring the bell establishment, opened by Madame Alice in the 1930’s and bought by Jazz pianist Stan Brenders in the 1940’s. Miles Davis used to jam here in the 1980’s and nowadays there is ‘Jazz after Shopping’ when you’ll be lucky to get a seat! Cocktail O’Clock for me though was a Friday evening so I managed to bag a bar stool, opposite a friendly barman who did his best to recreate the Orange Blossom without having the almond syrup. There was definitely no blossom on this cold winter night! The camera came out for the obligatory photo prompting him to ask if I’m a travel writer – if only! I wasn’t even blogging at this point in time. The next drink was left in his capable hands and I popped in the next day for the jazz, but lost the fight for bar space!

archiduc 2

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