36. Bugsy’s Bar – Prague, Czech Republic

Cocktail – Almond Cigar
Havana 3 rum, amaretto, lime, cinnamon stick

Date Visited – Aug 2012

I’m quite the cinnamon fan so was more than happy to smoke this particular cigar, as were the Cubans, it was runner-up in Havana Rum’s worldwide cocktail contest. Served by Jakub, who assists in choosing my next drink from the 40 page menu, and then prepares me an off-menu blow torch special! The flames attract the attention of an American Businessman who offers to buy me yet another drink, but I’m only willing to succumb if it’s an Almond Cigar and he has one too! Needless to say this is my kind of bar and I would definitely visit again when in Prague, and say “ahoj” to Jakub! As the bar fills up the American and I move on to Prague’s answer to Bodeguita, but he ditches me when I spend too long on the salsa dancefloor, I blame the Havana Club!

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