33. Baretto at Fasano Hotel – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cocktail – Caiparinha
Cachaca, lime, cane sugar

Date Visited – Apr 2012

Ok so I cheated a little with this one! I didn’t quite go all the way to Sao Paulo, pre-lung dramas I would have done, but the same hotel bar is within easy reach in Rio, with a London theme! You may have wondered why I didn’t choose a Caiparinha in Garota, this is the reason. Of course by now I’ve had many Caiparinhas in Brazil, the first at Iguazu Falls and it was very generous with the cachaca! Vicki has left me so I’m drinking solo again and the Fasano hotel guests are depriving me of any bartender conversation (rightly so), but they don’t stay long so I move to the bar to talk cachaca! 51 is the recommendation for duty free, even though Baretto uses Leblon. A shot of honey cachaca is poured for my opinion and then I spot an Acai Absolut behind the bar (when in Brazil). A complimentary acai cocktail is provided and I’m beginning to like this bar even more, I even feel forgiving of the Union Jack abuse by the Italian owner! The concierge joins the conversation with Leblon party tips, too late to share with Vicki though. Definitely the friendlier Brazilian bar. A dreamy establishment, I woke up later thinking I was still there, but was very relieved to find I was in my hotel bed!


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