32. Garota de Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cocktail – Batida Maracuja
Cachaca, passion fruit, sugar, lemon

Date Visited – Mar 2012

Her name is Rio and she dances in the sand! Well actually she’s the Girl From Ipanema and she walks past Garota de Ipanema every day, inspiring the song! It was written here by two regulars and the menu plays tribute to this, as does my new friend Vicki, the girl I met at Ipanema! It was actually just the meeting place for our favela tour, but after street parties and samba in Lapa we meet there again on Sunday for the hippy market and beach chairs. A drinking pal in Rio, one who will be blogging about it way before I do! The book predicts a surge in Batidas, but even in Rio this isn’t the case as the less than friendly waiter tells me he cannot supply this in any shape or form (bloody tourists), so a Caprioska it is instead, a rather photogenic one!

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