34. Museo Chicote – Madrid, Spain

Cocktail – Pineapple Mojito
Golden rum, pineapple, mint, sugar

Date Visited – Jun 2012

Continuing the spanish lessons it’s a summer in Espana and a chance to tick off the other two spanish bars. First up Madrid, my adopted home (I wish)! After two failed trips to this Capital it’s third time lucky! Museo Chicote is yet another Hemingway haunt and the evidence is there in the wall of fame. Sinatra and Dali are also included among their past clientele. A Tuesday again so no Matadors, the tapas bar next door was far busier, mainly with locals. In the many times I’ve been back to Madrid I’ve never re-visited Museo Chicote, instead I’m always popping into Mercado de la Reina next door to say hello to my favourite barman Moses. On my most recent visit his extra sangria delayed me from the Champions League street celebrations, obviously because he’s an Atletico fan! I’m taking a literary friend to Madrid next month, she’ll appreciate the Hemingway connection so a weekend visit might be on the carta, especially now my cocktail taste is more refined!


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