31. Mundo Bizarro – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cocktail – Bossanova
White rum, Galliano, apricot brandy, apple, lime, sugar

Date Visited – Mar 2012

What’s new, Buenos Aires? Let’s see if your bars hold as much star quality! I opt for a Tuesday night in between spanish lessons, tango and student parties! But first a steak and chimichurri in a nearby speakeasy, where I learn what Cynar is! The long-serving bartender at Mundo Bizarro informs me they’ve never served a Bossanova in all of his 15 years, so instead I follow the sign and order a Sandia Bastardita, but drink most of it before I remember the camera! It’s a quiet night, mostly me, Pablo, Jesus and the fly, so plenty of opportunity for Pablo to give me lots of tango club recommendations as well as a couple of his favourite bars in London, then it’s adios for the evening and unfortunately no hasta manana.

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