30. Dos Piranhas – Berlin, Germany

Cocktail – Berlin Blonde
Dark rum, Cointreau, double cream

Date Visited – Feb 2012

A weekend break for Berlinale Film Festival, five films in three days and one A-List Celeb spot! Getting a photo with R-Patz proved a lot easier than finding this cocktail bar! Dos Piranhas is long gone, confirmed by a German colleague and a cake shop on their website! So with just the address we arrive at the very colourful “Wirtschaftswunder”! Obviously no Berlin Blonde on the menu, and I really should listen when my friend Kam says “did you just drop something?” as I realise the list of ingredients is now making flight down Yorckstrabe! It contained cream though so probably for the best. Instead we select two of the more fun names on the menu, so fun that I can’t remember them, only that Kam enjoyed his “Viagra”!

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