29. American Bar at The Savoy – London, England

Cocktail – White Lady
Gin, Cointreau, lemon juice

Date Visited – Summer 2011

I cannot believe London took so long to tick off, but finally after 3 years it re-opened post restoration and strangely I wasn’t first in line! I’d waited so long that felt it needed to be more of an occasion, and I definitely needed to look the part! In the end it was a very impromptu after dinner visit with my friend Ant, not many tables to choose from, let alone the four prime position bar stools! Of course the legendary White Lady is still on the menu, if you can afford it at £16. You’re paying for the experience though, and the nuts and olives! I’ve been back a few times since, mostly during the working day when I can nab a bar stool. Take care if you decide to order a White Lady, the last time I went they only had a premium version on the menu, so you might end up washing the dishes!

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