28. Harry’s New York Bar – Paris, France

Cocktail – The Original Bloody Mary
Vodka, tomato, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne, lemon, salt, black pepper

Date Visited – May 2011

Brussels trip cancelled and Paris rescheduled, both due to lung. Harry’s is considered to be home to the Bloody Mary, though others try to stake a claim, including London. The creator of this particular one was ‘Pete’ Petoit and my it’s hot!!! For convenience I went at lunchtime after a visit to the Opera House, not the best idea as the taste lingered for the rest of the day. Finishing it was a struggle, the mother was glad she stuck to tonic water! This one ranks bottom of the list, both for taste and grumpy bartender, I bet Hemingway and Fitzgerald had better service when they frequented here in the 1920’s.

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