27. Moyo – Johannesburg, South Africa

Cocktail – Mbolero
Gin, mint, lime, orange bitters, sugar

Date Visited – Feb 2011

This bar definitely demonstrates the most dedication to the cause, not only have I flown home via Jo’Burg just so I can go here, but I land feeling decidedly ill and debate a hotel for my 12 hour stopover instead. With the lingering taste of last night’s cigar the last thing I feel like is alcohol, but needs must so I board the Gautrain to Sandton. This was a World Cup development and they are intent on keeping it in tip top condition, the scariest experience in Jo’Burg was avoiding the hefty fines for drinking even water on the platform! A taxi from Sandton to Melrose and I’m delivered to Moyo for lunch. Outside seating, boerewors ordered, but even those I can’t stomach. The waiter is not so hospitable (should have sat at the bar), he won’t make me a Mbolero, but declares it basically a Moyo Mojito (the only difference being the orange bitters), so that’s what I order. This is the only cocktail that I haven’t finished, but that wasn’t a reflection on the drink. Moyo is a chain of restaurants throughout South Africa, some in breathtaking locations, so it’s surprising that the Jo’Burg one was chosen for the book. I’m entertained with African music and the Cricket World Cup before returning to the airport. 48 hours later I am admitted to hospital with a collapsed lung, no wonder I felt so ill!! High altitude Jo’Burg can’t have helped, but fortunately ignorance helped me board my 12 hour flight home!

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