26. Eclipse – Cape Town, South Africa

Cocktail – Eclipse
Jack Daniels, Chambord, cranberry, raspberry, lime, sugar

Date Visited – Feb 2011

This bar has also since changed name, twice I think, but the bartender at Sapphire remembered the current St Yves as Eclipse so I head there for an after dinner digestif, a little prematurely as it’s not open yet, but they let me in early. The print-out is provided, the cocktail is made, plus two more for the staff, it’s nice, fruity with a kick of JD. I chat to the bartender for a bit before heading back to my security gated Camps Bay Guesthouse

Eclipse is a small chain of bars, there are two in London and another in Barcelona, so two years later I head to the Brompton Rd branch in London where the Eclipse cocktail is still on the menu, with watermelon though rather than raspberry.

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