24. Boadas – Barcelona, Spain

Cocktail – The Boadas Cocktail
White rum, red Dubonnet, orange Curacao

Date Visited – Jun 2010

My beloved Spain, sure not to disappoint, and JoJo’s accompanying me so I’m guaranteed some good photos! Located at the top of Las Ramblas this bar was founded by Miguel Boadas who learnt his trade at La Floridita in Havana, so high class service, but unfortunately not with a smile! It’s popular after a busy day shopping, and there’s no menu, but fortunately they were familiar with this particular signature. Cocktail delivered, in the tiniest form I’ve seen, but back then I was yet to discover Tony Conigliaro! A mini mojito for JoJo, several photos and then it’s farewell to Liza and onto the next bar. (I much prefer Madrid to Barcelona)

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