20. Bed Supper Club – Bangkok, Thailand

Cocktail – Horizon
Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka, Xante pear liqueur, apple, passion fruit, lemon

Date Visited – Feb 2010

HK-Manila-KL-Hanoi-Bangkok for the next cocktail! Managed to find my way that far and then got very lost when seeking out the bar, but when lost in a foreign country – ask a concierge! Turns out google had given me the office address rather than the venue address! I so very nearly gave up on finding this one, easily done at the time, especially having already spent ages finding Cabbages & Condoms, but I knew I’d regret it for life if I did! Finally located, quick shoe change, and there seems to be a queue of people paying to get in, but I’m waved through (not complaining). No cocktail on the menu and they’re lacking the pear liqueur to make it so they make it without, hmm, doesn’t look much like the picture! Refreshing though, just what I need after my humid search! I take in the surroundings but there’s not much vibe so not loving it long time, I get chatting to a couple of locals though before calling it a night. Much preferred Vertigo which was my first stop for the night, but what’s not to love about an open air rooftop bar above the lights of Bangkok!

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