18. The Apartment – Belfast, UK

Cocktail – Abbey Road
Gin, mint, candied ginger, lemon, apple

Date Visited – Jul 2009

Straight off the bus from Dublin, a central location for meeting ‘Big Sis’ and an Abbey Road on the menu. Quite a straightforward one this one, I even remembered to take a proper photo! It’s gin based, not my tipple of choice back then, but I like the taste. It was all going so well until Tina took me to The Merchant and then I feel cheated by the book, this place is way nicer! In fact it went on to win ‘World’s Best Bar’ the following year! In fairness to Allan though, The Merchant wasn’t born until two years after publication. It was formerly the Ulster Bank Headquarters and they’ve kept some features in tribute to this. The big features back then though would have been bartenders Sean Muldoon & Jack McGarry, but novice me wasn’t to know that! The menu from memory was very varied in price depending on the vintage, we went low-end!

According to the book The Apartment was the first cocktail bar in Northern Ireland, so I guess on that claim it’s deserving of its place.

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