8. Zig Zag Cafe – Seattle, USA

Cocktail – Aviation
Gin, Maraschino liqueur, lemon juice

Date Visited – Aug 2008

Next up Seattle, where legends are made, and I’m about to meet one! Near the famous Pike Place Fish Market is a little bar called Zig Zag Cafe, with an online menu that doesn’t feature an Aviation, so I’m preparing myself for disappointment……but I’m amongst the pro’s now! An Aviation requested, a “sure” from the barman and the last remaining bar stool. My seat of choice nowadays is always at the bar and this is probably where that trend started. Zig Zag is the only bar I’ve walked into, had 3 cocktails, and walked out $20 richer, but the photo with legendary barman Murray Stenson is worth far more! Next to my bar stool is another with a reserved sign, soon to be occupied by Zig Zag regular Mindy. She tells me Murray is the most famous barman in America, and conversation soon leads to London, which is when Murray asks me to stop in on a barman pal of his, even giving me $20 to buy myself a drink! I try to return this when my bill is waived, but Murray is having none of it! Anyone who knows me knows I would happily do this for free, but unfortunately once I got back to London the barman had moved on. Zig Zag has to top the list for hospitality and is a close contender for favourite, probably not nowadays though as Murray has since moved on.

Zig Zag Cafe gets a brief mention in between the sexual exploits of Fifty Shades, when Anastasia and Kate visit for strawberry daiquiris, showing that Anastasia Steele requires more than just a sexual education!


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