7. Beach Club at Hard Rock Hotel – Las Vegas, USA

Cocktail – Hawaiian Deluxe
Coconut rum, aged rum, Cointreau, coconut cream, pineapple juice, sugar, lemon, grenadine

Date Visited – August 2008

Hmm, haven’t I just come from there! A 5 hour flight to San Francisco and a lot of partying “Big Willie Style”! One  missed Alcatraz trip later (tut tut) and no time for cocktail bars, it’s  onwards  to get Vegased! The San Fran cocktail will just have to wait until  the next stopover, it’s world famous so it’s not going anywhere. A rare word to describe Vegas – uneventful, at least cocktail wise, but again that would largely be down to my elected time of visit, pool party day would have been far more happening! The Hard Rock is off the main strip, so a bit of a trek in 40 degree heat. Another pool bar and another omission from the menu, so I opt for the closest thing, a Beachclub Blue Hawaiian. No photos either, I’m still not taking this seriously enough!!

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