6. Tiki Bar – West Maui, Hawaii

Cocktail – Tiki Treat
Aged rum, coconut rum, mango, coconut, lemon, sugar

Date Visited – August 2008

Ahhhh, my favourite back then, but since overtaken by a Mexican Don! How could you not love a poolside Tiki Bar full of locals! Mahalo Australia and Aloha Hawaii! Tiki Bar West Maui is all it says in the book, not much to go on, there’s one in every hotel! Google to the rescue, and I settle on the Kaanapali Beach Hotel for a sundowner. No Tiki Treats on the menu, so barman Dale does what he can with the mango ingredients to hand, “al-right”. Fairly routine at this point, I stay for one then head to the beach for sunset. Melbourne was my first lone visit, where I was the lone customer, so returning to the Tiki Bar I strike up conversation with the lone tourist next to me and before you know it I’ve made friends with everyone at the bar, including Patrick & Partner, who introduce me to a Malibu Babery (Malibu, Pineapple, Cranberry) Then we play “guess my age”, where my hands unfortunately betray me so we move on to another female punter and clues are provided “I have a 17 year old son, but I’m from Kentucky”, enough said apparently! It’s goodnight to Dale and “same time tomorrow”, where this time I meet the jet ski boys, who not only casually settle up my bill but also offer me a lift back to my hotel, by bicycle! But it’s uphill, and a very high saddle! With my feet not touching the ground we fall on the downhill and decide to walk the rest of the way, sparing us a drenching by the sprinklers! A polite goodbye, and having also politely declined Patrick the night before, I realise Maui definitely is the place to get lei-ed!

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