57. Foxy’s Tamarind Bar – Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Cocktail – Foxy’s Millennium Punch
White rum, dark rum, cranberry, guava, lime

Date Visited – Apr 2016

I was surprised this bar was the choice for the book, seeing as The Painkiller was created on Jost Van Dyke at Soggy Dollar Bar, but researching the island you find out just how legendary Foxy is, he’s the hub of the island, with connections throughout! Turns out I’d booked accommodation at his son’s place, thought that might prove useful in getting a lift to the bar, or establishing Foxy’s whereabouts, but instead I went it alone! Having walked the couple of miles from White Bay to Great Harbour I arrived at about 4pm, and there was Foxy at the entrance with his guitar, cocktails at this point could wait! Foxy is quite the character, nearly 80 he’s full of energy, tell him where you’re from and he’ll recite a poem about your homeland, or if you’re lucky some Calypso. He’s been to Buckingham Palace to meet Princess Anne, the photos are proudly displayed in the bar.

Known for its New Years Eve parties, which obviously inspired the cocktail choice, now to be found on the menu only as “Foxy’s Punch”. I ordered one before chilling out on the hammock and returning later for the Karaoke. The men are very flirty in BVI, the Dominican bartender said my punch was on him, and another of Foxy’s sons was very attentive! Foxy blends his own rum on St Croix, secret recipe of course, so I requested a sample at the bar while hanging out with the American tourists, it’s definitely the party place of the island, with suitably dreadlocked locals taking the mic for some Bob Marley. As with most of the BVI bars you can leave an item of attire to hang from the ceiling, I only left my business card, and the page from the book. Don’t worry if you’ve not got a boat to sleep on, you’re bound to find a taxi driver in the bar, or you could always charter one of Foxy’s water taxis….or kayaks!

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