53. Sky Bar – Los Angeles, USA

Cocktail – Apple Martini
Vodka, apple schnapps, apple, lime, cinnamon

Date Visited – Nov 2015

Where the beautiful people go! Designed by Rande Gerber I’d read that this place can be difficult to get into, so thought I’d make life easier for myself by staying at The Mondrian. I even had a view of the bar from my room! I expected a rooftop bar but it’s actually on the ground floor, hillside though so it looks over the city. During the day it has loungers, which are cleared away for the evening and the candles lit. Open air in Summer but with plastic covering during the winter months, a wind break that unfortunately adds no warmth! I checked out both the Sky Bar and neighbouring restaurant on my way out for the evening, spotting my first celebrity, Z lister BRITISH celeb David Van Day from 80’s band Dollar! The bar staff told me the bar doesn’t get busy until 11pm, and the day after Thanksgiving they weren’t expecting much of a crowd, so I first head to my other scheduled destination, the bar at Chateau Marmont for a cocktail with Nevada.

Returning to Sky Bar the bouncers were now in position, but I flashed my guest card and ID and was permitted entry. According to the book the Apple Martini was the first cocktail served here, it’s no longer on the menu but they’re happy to make it, with apple liqueur rather than fresh apple. It’s the kind of drink I’d usually steer clear of! I chilled out by the pool for a bit, chilled being the operative word – it was bloody cold! I only stayed for the one, it’s not really my kind of bar, I imagine it’s much better on a warm summer evening, but I’d still be surrounded by lots of ‘look at me’ people, difficult to escape those in LA!


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