50. Elbo Room – Fort Lauderdale, USA

Cocktail – Bay Breeze
Vodka, cranberry, pineapple

Date Visited – Mar 2015

These Florida bars insist on making me walk for my cocktail, not all the way to Fort Lauderdale though, the Greyhound delivered me to this overnight detour. I was told by my motel that I could jump on the trolley that runs up and down Las Olas Boulevard, but I walked the whole three miles before discovering that the trolley doesn’t run on Tuesdays! A couple of fish tacos first at Lulu’s, resisting the alligator bites, then I head to Elbo Room, a legendary beach bar popularised by sailors during World War Two. There’s often a band on and this can be heard from the beach, it was ode to their neighbour with Sweet Home Alabama when I arrived.

There are two bars, a main one and then a smaller one with bar stools that looks across to the beach, this is where I decided to plonk myself. There was no menu in sight, most of the locals were drinking beer, so when the very busy and efficient barmaid asked for my order I showed her the print out from the book, she read it, nodded and knocked me up a Bay Breeze. Presented in plastic cup for the bargain price of $6, this is a no frills bar. Elbo Room is a very laid back bar with some funny anecdotes on the walls, I imagine it’s heaving during Spring Break, but it’s a very nice spot to take in the ocean/bay breeze. I walked the three miles back, deciding that the round trip justified a stopover at The Cheesecake Factory!

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