14. GoGo Lounge – Montreal, Canada

Cocktail – Passion for Fashion
Golden rum, Grand Marnier, Angostura bitters, passion fruit, lime

Date Visited – Sep 2008

A seven hour greyhound ride from Boston and then a walk along a very long street! Oh Canada, please show me the hospitality you did in Vancouver! Indeed they do, but in French! No Passion for Fashion though, or even passion fruit, so I select something else from the 12 inch vinyl menu, a Goldfinger it is. The bartender tells me they’ve never served the Passion for Fashion, but according to the book it was created as a one-off for Montreal Fashion Week. On my lonesome I meet a Frenchman at the bar and then later we are joined by three of his French Canadian friends. The intention was to have one drink and leave, but with KC & his Sunshine Band shaking their booty, how could I GoGo! Deciding to make a night of it the Sambuca shots are ordered, and payment is waived! Another freebie, two more Facebook friends, and one more hangover!

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