Meet The Author

51 bars later and we finally meet, which is crazy considering how many times our paths must have crossed at various London events! When I first started blogging my cocktail journey I emailed the link to his company’s general email address at Sweet and Chilli for someone to pass onto him, but he never received it. At London Cocktail Week 2015 general conversation with one of the bartenders, Fabrizio, at the World Class Hub led me to ask “where do you usually work?” for him to say Sweet and Chilli, so of course I tell him about the blog, give him my card to pass onto Allan, for Fabrizio to then tell me that he should be popping down later. Unknowingly I attend a Sweet and Chilli masterclass, and upon leaving pass a guy who looks vaguely familiar, so I confirm with Fabrizio that Allan has arrived and then rush back in to introduce myself! He was lovely, very shocked to hear that I was ticking off the bars/cocktails in his book, very impressed that I was up to 51, and then we compared notes and I shared some of the better stories from Zig Zag, Tommy’s, Cuba and the upcoming priorities of La Capilla and Green Mill. The one bar he singled out to check whether I’d been was Dragon-i in Hong Kong, which of course I had, though was less keen on it than him. He gave me his business card but regretfully we didn’t have a photo taken together, but no doubt our paths will cross again at some future event. Thank you Allan, for introducing me to the cocktail scene and for inspiring some great travel adventures!

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