11. Milk & Honey – New York, USA

Cocktail – Bourbon Peach Smash
Bourbon, peach, lemon, sugar, mint

Date Visited – Aug 2008

The elusive Milk & Honey, where even Tarantino couldn’t get in! I phone the number obtained from Mr Dallas at Tommy’s in San Francisco and am greeted with a recorded message requiring a text reservation. The message also points out that they’re closed the next day for Memorial Day. I guess that leaves tonight then, when I already have plans to celebrate Stevie Wonder’s birthday with the Harlem Gospel Choir! At this point I still don’t even know where Milk & Honey is! But I take a chance and book for two people at 11.30pm, on a Sunday, and the reservation is accepted! Address is then forwarded to friend, and resident New Yorker, Jaima. Is she joining? Well she’s too intrigued not to!

I arrive just as her taxi pulls up, to be told that, “We’re in Chinatown”. In front of us is a grey industrial door where a group of people are being turned away. We breeze in though, seated at the bar initially and then moved to a booth, but no peach smash available! The bartender says he’ll surprise me and I get a cucumber one instead, did I mention I don’t like cucumber! It’s very of the era, dark, jazz music playing, and gentlemen aren’t allowed to introduce themselves to ladies! Excluding the bartender of course! We stay until the early hours, and Jaima’s verdict is – “Go figure, a pomme showing me around NYC!” Was this the start of my cocktail credibility? An entirely appropriate place for it to be conceived!

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